Zu Kalinowskais a sculptor and video artist. Her work is an exploration of societal ideas about intimacy and the discomfort of giving up control. This uncomfortable relationship is mirrored in the interplay between the alluring and grotesque in her work.

Kalinowska’s devotion to experimenting and combining challenging materials refutes the binary of these two aesthetic categories and evokes the uncertainty and insecurity of exposed intimacy. Similarly she plays with the distinction between the real and the artificial, human and synthetic hair intertwined in a microcosm of possible post-human intimacy.

In her artistic practice she creates objects and environments that defy easy categorisation and she tries to challenge the viewers preconceptions of one’s own ability to differentiate. Her choice of sounds and texture cuts against the visually satisfying nature of these objects, seeking to create an uncertainty and a discomfort within this undefined state.

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